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What is my Browser

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About What is my Browser

At times some internet users ask this question; “what is my browser?” They are either news entrants in the World Wide Web and are using a browser for the first time to surf the net or and have no idea about it.

The popular browsers in use right now across the world are Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple users use Safari. Google Chrome is the world’s leading browser today, and Google has become the world leader in search engines and some other internet applications.

At times internet users get messages inviting them to download a certain browser, and they are not sure if they want to. Also when you download a browser, you get a message ‘make this your default browser.' It’s up to the user to decide whether he or she wants to do this.

Some user applications require that the user has a certain browser. For example, if you are working for an organization and their applications are designed to run on Firefox. You would have to download Firefox to do your job. Operating systems like Microsoft Windows come with a preinstalled browser; Internet Explorer.

If you have just bought a laptop or desktop and are installing Microsoft Windows on it; Internet Browser would be the first browser you would use to use the internet. Most people who run Windows download and install the first anti-virus, drivers, and a browser of their choice using Internet Explorer. After that, they pretty much stop using it, although its icon is displayed in the ‘Start bar.'