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About Class C Ip Checker

What is a class c ip checker and why does a website manager or seo need to apply it? Before explaining the elegance C in an IP cope with shall we first apprehend what an IP address is. The IP address is the net Protocol deal with of your laptop. If you have a internet site hosted on an internet carrier provider's server it'll have an IP cope with. Net Protocol or extra generally known as IP deal with is the deal with through which your laptop is uniquely identified on the internet.

As an instance if you are using a e mail service like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, these service companies should have your net address to update you each time you get hold of mail. Further whilst you use a browser search engine, your laptop sends the request on your internet service company. Who in flip has the carrier company's IP address and forwards your request. Therefore you establish a link among your pc and the search engine carrier company's server.