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About Broken Links Finder

The broken links, also known as Dead Links, are the hyperlinks on a webpage that doesn’t work because the site is encountering any of the following discussed reasons.

Main Reasons for Broken links

404 Page Not Found: This error occurs when the webpage is moved or doesn’t exist on the server. For certain kinds of errors, use a 404 error checker.

400 Bad Request: if a user enters an incorrect link, then this error occurs.

Bad URL: Inaccurate URL (e.g., wrong protocol, extra slashes, or a missing bracket, etc.)

Bad Code: Invalid HTTP response code: the server response interrupts HTTP specifications.

Invalid hostname: if the server has a name that no longer exists.

Timeout: this error occurs when an HTTP requests unceasingly timed out during the link check

Dead link checker creeps through your site and discovers 404 error links that you need to patch. Analyze your website internal or external links with our link analyzer along with their no follow or do follow attribute